Majente is a people driven company and the success of our projects start with our people. Our executive team of 4 has over 60 years of CRM implementation experience to guide our customers Salesforce Journey. Our value is to be your trusted Salesforce advisor.




President & Founder

Ryan has spent 20 years in CRM and Data, starting as a database administrator and Java developer. He first deployed Siebel projects with PwC, then managed a global Siebel instance for Autodesk. His first glance at Salesforce came in 2006 during the first wave of on-premise to cloud CRM solutions.

In 2013, he created Majente as a boutique consulting company delivering CRM and Data solutions. Majente partnered with Salesforce in 2014 and since then, Ryan has focused solely on the Salesforce ecosystem of applications while Majente has delivered over 150 Salesforce projects.



Head of Growth

Beju has spent 10 years in the salesforce ecosystem. First as an account executive at salesforce from 2009-2013, and then as a customer from 2014-2018, while he was founder and CEO of Vape Brands International.

Beju leveraged the salesforce platform extensively to grow the business into one of Canada’s largest manufacturers in the space before successfully exiting in 2017.




Tennyson has spent over 15 years in the world of CRM, beginning as a Siebel system administrator for TELUS Communications. Since then, he has worked relentlessly on countless CRM implementation projects across a wide breadth of verticals and industries, first as a Siebel Consulting BA with Oracle Systems, then later fully immersed on the Salesforce platform.

Tennyson joined Majente during its genesis in 2013, and has been delivering successful Salesforce CRM implementations since.




Chuck has spent over 20 years developing custom applications. During that time, he has helped to architect and develop business solutions on multiple platforms.

Working on the Salesforce platform since 2015, Chuck has focussed on complex coding solutions, integrations and helping customers implement innovative Salesforce technology.


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