Procore + Salesforce

Salesforce and Procore are both great platforms, integrating will make them even better. Improve your company’s efficiency, analytics and give your users 1 app to use.

Stop double entry of data, reconciling data in different systems or having to export data to CSV or Excel to build reports.

With Majente’s Salesforce + Procore integration you will be able to seamlessly kick off projects in Procore when Salesforce Opportunities close.

Contact data in both systems will be kept up to date and Procore financial data will be available in Salesforce for enhanced analytics.

  • Real-time integration framework built natively on Salesforce
  • Integrates Salesforce Opportunities, Accounts and Contacts
  • Integrates Procore Projects, Contacts and Financials
  • Pre-built analytics platform in Salesforce. Report on Procore data from Salesforce!
  • Ability to enhance Salesforce by automating processes utilizing Procore data (additional cost)


$250 per month + $1500 installation fee



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