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Managing orders is the backbone of many businesses, and mistakes made here can be costly. Regardless of your order management system, it is critical that the order is priced, booked, and sent correctly to the customer to ensure growth, profitability, and satisfied customers.

B2B Order Management
B2B Order Management

Optimizing Order Management in a Dynamic Business Landscape

Order Management has become even more difficult as companies have had to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

While organizations are forced to alter their traditional processes, customers still expect and demand a seamless journey from the moment an order is placed up until it’s fulfilled.

Majente has a long history of helping customers navigate and solve these complex business challenges. With hundreds of projects under our belts , we help by implementing the technical aspects of the journey, as well as guiding our clients through best practices around the process itself.

We’ve broken down a typical order management process and identified some common challenges and potential solutions.

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Order Entry

Companies take orders in many different ways, ranging from B2B commerce sites, custom quoting tools, or product configurators. Regardless of the methods employed, we understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of the process while creating a smooth and simple customer experience.

Price lists, inventory and resource availability, custom payment terms, and subscriptions are all examples of concerns and considerations our customers have when moving orders into their systems.

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Order Processing and Fulfillment

Once an order is in your system, several steps need to take place to ensure a seamless fulfillment process. Some examples include notifying various employees within the company, allocating inventory, kicking off an onboarding process, or any number of different activities within your company. Payments and payment terms may also need to be considered and processed, which Majente has ample experience with.

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Order Completion

Once the order has been processed, typical activities include shipping the product, sales to services team handoff, and invoicing. As you can see, order management involves multiple departments across the organization. In turn, many businesses require Salesforce to communicate with external systems.

As an experienced partner, we have integrated over 100 systems into Salesforce, covering a wide range of functional areas. Integrating proper order completion activities with your process is critical to the customer experience to avoid points of failure associated with the final steps of the sale.

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Service & Support

Many businesses recognize that ongoing revenue from existing customers is a great opportunity for them. As a result, creating an effortless transition to service and support teams is an important step in the process that is often overlooked. For many of our clients, the conclusion of an order cycle is the beginning of a service or account management process. We work with organizations to create a handoff that allows this to happen smoothly, leading to happier customers and better experiences.

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