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We leverage cutting-edge technology to help you streamline workflows, boost communication, and ensure compliance – all while increasing your bottom line.

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Manufacturing’s Secret Weapon:

Unveiling the Power of Majente

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Unleash your Factory's Full Potential.

With Salesforce, it isn’t all about sales, and Majente can help Manufacturing companies unleash the full potential of the platform to achieve their specific goals.

Whether it be Project Management, Configure / Price / Quote, Partner Channel Management, ERP Integration, or a completely custom solution, Majente can make it happen. Contact us today to find out how we’ve delivered results for dozens of manufacturing companies.

From siloed data to seamless workflow.

We build transformative Salesforce solutions for the modern enterprise.


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Eliminate Pricing Errors in Your Manufacturing Business

Say goodbye to quote headaches! Salesforce CPQ equips you with robust pricing and control, ensuring accurate, professional quotes reach your customers at lightning speed. Manage complex variables, configurations, and discounts with ease, eliminating errors and boosting margins.

Partner Channel

Empower Your Distributors,
Fuel Your Growth:

Supercharge Partner Success with SF Communities

Salesforce Experience Cloud builds stronger relationships and drives higher sales. Offer your distributors a branded experience with real-time access to sales, marketing tools, and product information, enabling them to close deals faster and become true advocates for your brand.


Manufacturing Magic:

Seamless Project Management with Salesforce

Keep your complex manufacturing projects on track with the power of Salesforce. Unite teams, synchronize sales, service, quoting, and project execution in one unified platform. Gain real-time visibility, boost collaboration, and navigate critical milestones with ease, from design to delivery.


Connect the Dots,
Unleash the Power:

Integrate Your Existing Systems with Salesforce

No need to sacrifice specialized tools in the name of a central platform. Majente crafts custom integrations for your existing systems and Salesforce, bridging the gap between specialized functions and centralized insights. Access a 360° view of your entire operation, maximize data leverage, and drive efficiency across the entire organization.

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