Our Consulting Services Include Projects, Enhancements and Support Requests

  • Larger and more transformational
  • Longer duration
  • More people are involved
  • Functionality is deployed at the same time.

Projects range from 4 to 26 weeks in duration and encapsulate QuickStarts to highly customized, integrated solutions.

Our implementations are transformational because they change and improve your users digital experience with Salesforce.

Every project we deliver is uniquely configured to your business. We utilize best practices in project management and technology design to ensure your project is successful.

  • Smaller and easier to deploy
  • Fewer people involved
  • Functionality can be deployed independently of other enhancements.

Enhancements are for existing Salesforce customers who would like specific functionality developed and deployed.

Enhancements can be easy or complex and range from 1 to 16 weeks. Enhancements can be deployed independently of other enhancements.

Change management is simpler for Enhancements. Often, the best enhancements generate with users and enhancements can increase adoption.

  • Business hours
  • $200 / hour

Majente will always provide support to existing customers we have deployed solutions to.

We provide level 2 support, which means if our customers cannot resolve an issue on their own, we will support them.


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