Salesforce Meets Procore: A Match Made in Business Heaven

Actionable Insights, Enhanced Collaboration

Salesforce + Procore
Salesforce + Procore

Stop double entry and waiting for data to be manually entered with Salesforce + Procore

Salesforce and Procore are both great platforms and integrating will make them even better! Improve your projects’ insights, efficiency and give your users one app.

With Salesforce + Procore integration you will be able to immediately kick off projects in Procore and track the project’s progress in Salesforce. Use the data in Salesforce to enhance Customer analytics, create tasks for the Account managers and leverage Marketing Automation to sell more projects.

Why choose Salesforce + Procore?

  • Single source of truth
  • Eliminate double entry
  • Decrease room for manual errors
  • Streamline processes
  • Gain insight and visibility across the entire org
  • Better communication between teams/clearer project hand-off

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We have messy data across platforms, and we aren’t sure what data is actually correct.

Give your users the ability to use one app for two platforms, enabling a single source of truth across your organization.

Save time and reduce manual errors by eliminating double entry of data.

Strengthen client relationships and gain insight into future opportunities by providing your sales team with a snap shot of project health.

Projects will kick off in Procore automatically upon a closed sales opportunity, including all relevant details. No more back and forth between teams.

Give your executives piece of mind and clarity by viewing project changes like project value and date changes directly in Salesforce.

Use project data from Procore in Salesforce to trigger email automation campaigns to improve customer onboarding and get customer feedback upon project completion.

Take advantage of Salesforce’s awesome reporting capabilities by reporting on project data directly from Procore.

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How long does it take to setup?

1 day

The integration subscription is $250/month/org. There is no implementation fee.

Professional Edition and up

Once installed, we’ll schedule a one-hour training session. Any support issues can be sent directly to [email protected] and we will ensure it’s resolved.

No, a user can input data in either platform. We only require one user to have both licenses upon implementation.

The data is integrated in real-time.

Files are accessible in Salesforce through a link to the Procore attachment.

Certain data, such as accounts, contacts, and Procore admin level data is bi-directional.

Yes. If projects are created in Procore, instead of Salesforce, we can push the “orphan” projects back into Salesforce.

Accounts and contacts are the only native objects that are updated. All other data is stored in custom objects. For more information on the integration, view our App in the Salesforce AppExchange.

Procore data is integrated into a custom object in Salesforce. For more information on the integration, view our App in the Salesforce AppExchange.

Yes. We can integrate historical projects through a one-time import.

Yes, we can!

Procore Salesforce Integration

Purple Heart Homes Serves More Veterans with Majente

“Majente has been a real problem solver for Purple Heart Homes by connecting Salesforce and Procore. I forecast a 20% reduction in time regarding data duplication, which will result in more Veterans being served.”

Data Integration Details

Salesforce -> Procore Real Time Integration

2-Way Real Time Integration

Procore -> Salesforce Real Time Integration

Dynamic Mapping for Custom Salesforce fields to Procore:

Experience the power of transformation:

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