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Majente Customers - Algo

Algo achieves 67% reduction in Time to Resolution using Service GPT.

“Majente’s expertise and our partnership with Salesforce have proven instrumental in streamlining our service operations.”

Majente Customers - FlavourArt

FlavourArt division launch achieves massive success.

Majente Customers - Flavour Art

Toys R Us business & customers benefit with Salesforce and Majente.

Majente Customers - Little Kickers

Little Kickers expands globally with Salesforce and Majente.

Majente Customers - Box of Crayons

Box of Crayons achieved 100% user adoption with Majente and Salesforce.

Majente Customers - Purple Hearts

Purple Heart Homes Serves More Veterans with Majente

Majente Customers - ActZero

ActZero closing deals in half the time with Majente and Salesforce

Majente Customers - MedAir

Medair saves hours of manual work with Salesforce and Majente

Real Results, Real Stories: Clients Achieving Success with Majente and Salesforce

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