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Majente Customers - Algo

Algo leverages AI with Service GPT and Majente to optimize case responses and scale service.

“Majente’s expertise and our partnership with Salesforce have proven instrumental in streamlining our service operations.”

Majente Customers - FlavourArt

FlavourArt division launch achieves massive success.

Majente Customers - Flavour Art

Toys R Us business & customers benefit with Salesforce and Majente.

Majente Customers - Little Kickers

Little Kickers expands globally with Salesforce and Majente.

Majente Customers - Box of Crayons

Box of Crayons achieved 100% user adoption with Majente and Salesforce.

Majente Customers - Purple Hearts

Purple Heart Homes Serves More Veterans with Majente

Majente Customers - ActZero

ActZero closing deals in half the time with Majente and Salesforce

Majente Customers - MedAir

Medair saves hours of manual work with Salesforce and Majente

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