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In March 2020, Majente joined the Pledge 1% movement, an international philanthropic organization encouraging companies to give 1 percent of their time, product and profit to charitable causes.


The Pledge 1% founding partners include Salesforce, Atlassian, and Rally – three companies that know first-hand how pledging a small portion of success today can have an enormous impact tomorrow. In 2014, they came together with the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado to accelerate a shared vision of every business around the globe integrating philanthropy into its corporate DNA. In 2016, Pledge 1% became a special initiative of Tides, a leading global philanthropic partner and non-profit accelerator.

Majente team volunteering at The Mississauga Food Bank

“We chose to participate in Pledge 1% because it aligns well with our corporate philosophy. We want to be a company that creates change for good, and that extends beyond what we do day to day in our business. With Pledge 1% we can incorporate that idea into everything we do, both inside and outside of the workplace.”

Beju Lakhani, Head of Growth

As a new and proud member, Majente will work tirelessly to empower the Pledge 1% movement. We will do it with the same drive that moves us every day, to be the partner our clients need by their side.

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