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Forget cookie-cutter CRM. Majente infuses AI into Salesforce, unlocking growth you never thought possible. Boost efficiency, skyrocket sales, and delight customers. Don’t settle for average, unleash your potential with the Canadian leaders in AI-powered Salesforce.

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Empowering your business with tailored Salesforce solutions.

At Majente, we’re your trusted partner in harnessing the power of Salesforce to drive growth and efficiency.

We don’t just implement software; we collaborate with your team to understand your unique needs and craft bespoke solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing operations, guiding you every step of the way on your Salesforce journey. Our experienced consultants take a measured pace, prioritizing stability and long-term success over quick fixes.

Why choose Majente?

• Certified Salesforce Crest Partner: We have a proven track record of delivering value on the platform.

• Pledge 1% Member: We’re committed to giving back to the community.

• Focus on Collaboration: We tailor solutions to your specific needs and work alongside your team.

• Measured Approach: We prioritize stability and long-term success, ensuring a smooth Salesforce journey.

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Majente provides tailored solutions to meet your specific business needs.


Elevating your Salesforce Journey: Find the Perfect Fit

Drive significant efficiency and growth with meticulously crafted project implementations. Enhance your existing Salesforce instance with well-defined functionality additions, designed for seamless integration and impact.


Unlocking Continued Salesforce Success

Majente Accelerate is a subscription service designed to protect and enhance your Salesforce investment. Boost your Salesforce success beyond just tools, unlock data-driven decisions with powerful analytics.

Accelerate + AI

Focus on Winning, Leave AI Wrangling to Majente

A service that allows you to worry less about the fast changing AI landscape, and more about business results. Accelerate + AI leverages Majente’s extensive knowledge and expertise to return the most value on your AI investment.

Beyond Customization:
Craft Your Salesforce Utopia with Majente.

Elevate Your Salesforce Journey

Leveraging Salesforce to its full potential requires expert guidance. Majente partners with organizations of all sizes, providing bespoke solutions tailored to maximize their Salesforce investment.







From challenge to champion: Dive into our great client success stories.

Majente Customers - Flavour Art

Toys R Us business & customers benefit with Salesforce and Majente.

Majente Customers - Box of Crayons

Box of Crayons achieved 100% user adoption with Majente and Salesforce.

Majente Customers - Little Kickers

Little Kickers expands globally with Salesforce and Majente.

Majente Customers - FlavourArt

FlavourArt division launch achieves massive success.

Majente Customers - Algo

Algo achieves 67% reduction in Time to Resolution using Service GPT.

Want to read all of our customer's Success Stories?

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Focus on your business and let Majente worry about your Salesforce instance:

Whether you’re a new Salesforce customer or a seasoned pro, Majente Accelerate protects and amplifies your success.

Our subscription service safeguards your investment with 24/7 security and proactive updates, while propelling growth through ongoing optimization and expert guidance.

Accelerate your revenue by 20%, unlock 30% user adoption, and minimize risk with automated backups and disaster recovery.

Ready to take your Salesforce journey to the next level? Experience the difference that Accelerate can bring.

Success speaks louder than words: Let our clients fill you in.

Success speaks louder than words: Let our clients fill you in.

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