What can integrating Procore and Salesforce do for my team?

We’ve completed hundreds of Salesforce projects, of all shapes and sizes. But what we do really have fun with? Integrations!

Over the years, we’ve built several custom Procore and Salesforce integrations. We then realized, TONS of companies could save a lot of time and headaches if we created an app to integrate these two awesome platforms.

Fast forward to today. Now, you can easily install our Salesforce + Procore Integration AppExchange app and start pushing relevant data back and forth between the two platforms.

In this post, we’ll touch on problems many Procore and Salesforce users face. Most importantly, we’ll explain how our integration can help your team increase sales, execute projects more efficiently, and avoid (dreaded) manual data entry.

5 Problems Procore and Salesforce Users Face

We’ve found that businesses use both Salesforce and Procore in many different ways. It makes sense, the capability to customize these systems is one of many reasons why Salesforce and Procore are so powerful.

Despite the differences, many of these businesses were facing the exact same issues. Do any of these sound familiar?

  1. My team is wasting time by entering and updating the same data in two places.
  2. Our sales to project handover process is a clunky, and important tasks are falling through the cracks.
  3. I don’t actively use Procore but I need to see project updates in real-time.
  4. Our data is either missing, duplicated, or inaccurate.
  5. There is a lack of communication between teams and our organization feels siloed.

Problem(s) Solved.

We heard you loud and clear! Our app is designed to eliminate these pain points so you can utilize Procore and Salesforce to their full potential. Below we’ve indicated a few ways our integration can help your team.

1. Eliminate data double entry.

We all know how frustrating it is to flip back and forth between systems, especially when you’re entering the same data in twice. By using our app, one of our clients estimates a 20% reduction in time saved from eliminating data duplication. Instead of wasting valuable time with data entry, their team is able to focus on the core purpose of their business.

2. Decrease room for error.

It’s one thing to waste time with data entry, but what is even worse is entering mistakes. We’re human, and manual error is inevitable when you’re going through the motions each day. Once the integration trigger is sent from Salesforce to Procore, accurate data will flow back and forth between the two platforms. This, in turn, will decrease the chance of manual error and ensure the project handover process is as smooth as possible.

3. Gain insight and visibility across the org.

With Procore data now living in Salesforce, all your relevant Salesforce users can check-in on project updates. This includes important project changes, budgetary details, milestones, and key stakeholders. The purpose of this app is to make Procore data contextual to Salesforce users. Your sales and service teams can now take this information to make insightful, data-driven decisions with project reports and dashboards. 

4. Clean up data and have a single source of truth.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to have messy, inaccurate data stored in your systems. It’s possible that one system has “good” data and the other has “bad” data. Since this bidirectional sync is constantly updating your data, you’ll have the opportunity to ensure the right information is entered, lives where it’s supposed to be, and be rid any duplicates. Enabling this single source of truth will allow your team to trust both systems, instead of chasing people down for information.

5. Streamline business processes.

With several departments working hard in their respective areas, it’s easy to lose sight of the business as a whole. Teams can feel siloed and information can get lost as it is communicated across the organization. Integrating Procore and Salesforce allows you to seamlessly share information with other teams. Automating project hand offs, updates, and other key details allows your team to focus instead on successful project execution and keeping your customers happy.  

How the Salesforce + Procore Integration Works

Here’s how it works for some of our clients. As we mentioned above, organizations use both Procore and Salesforce in different ways, so keep this in mind as you read ahead. We can work with you to customize the process below so it is relevant to your unique business.

  1. Your sales team creates an opportunity and follows your typical sales process.
  2. After you win the deal and decide you’d like the project created in Procore, click “Create Procore Project” and choose the appropriate template.
  3. The Opportunity Name, Account Name, and Opportunity Amount, will populate in your project in Procore.
  4. Once you enter in additional details in Procore (admin level data, budget, schedule, milestones), the data will flow back into Salesforce – all in real-time.

Want to learn more?

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