Majente’s Approach: Don’t Boil the Ocean

“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.” Ian Malcolm – Jurassic Park

Many customers come to us, overflowing with excitement at the potential that Salesforce holds for them. And we echo this excitement too! You can have great success with Salesforce, just like so many of our customers. It is important to not lose this vision and excitement as you grow your organization with Salesforce.

At Majente, we love to share with our customers that “Salesforce is a Journey”. It’s more a marathon than a sprint (actually a series of marathons!). When customers come to us for their first project, it is out of this mindset that we share the phrase “Don’t boil the ocean.”

While Salesforce can do pretty much anything, trying to fit too many requirements in your first release can actually work against you. The more complex a project is, the more complex the issues and defects will be, the more challenging the change management is, and the more time it will take to ultimately go live and start seeing ROI from the investment. It’s always worth considering how much change your users can take before it becomes overwhelming.

It is very important to focus on getting your release live with only the essential requirements met. After your users are using the system, taking advantage of the value Salesforce is providing them and giving feedback on what can be better, then you can turn that feedback into additional requirements for another release.

At Majente, we help our customers through our Requirement Gathering process to distill the right amount of requirements to help them succeed. Learn more about our approach.

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