IT is All About Delivery and Trust

Trust is necessary in all good relationships. – John C. Maxwell

I was having a conversation in my weekly 1-on-1 with our founder, Ryan Johnson. Off the cuff, in the context of chatting about how we approach our customers, Ryan dropped this great quote.

IT is all about delivery and trust.

How does this play out practically in a Salesforce implementation company like ours? Let unpack it.

How is IT about delivery?

At the end of the day, you can plan the best product, software, or integration in the world, but if it doesn’t meet your stakeholders’ needs and expectations, you’re not delivering what they wanted.

How is IT about trust?

If you seek to get a very clear understanding of your stakeholders’ needs, then deliver a solution that meets those needs, you’ll build some trust.

If you fail, you’ll lose some trust. Although it can be earned back over time, this failure of trust has the potential to derail an entire project. Given this, trust is essential.

How does delivering build trust?

Succeed enough over time by delivering consistently, and you’ll build some great trust with the stakeholders in your project.

How does Majente work to build trust and deliver well to our customers?

We realize that every client and project is unique.
We work with our clients to understand as much as we can up front about the unique requirement for their software implementations, so that we can deliver a scope of work that is exactly what they need.

We actively descope as much as possible.
If you come to us with a project, we’ll try and sell you the smallest scope to be able to accomplish your goals. If you want a hamburger, we’re not going to bring you a hamburger and a pizza!

Descoping ensures you get what you want, while removing as much fluff and unnecessary risk from the project. If we knock the project out of the park, it builds trust for future work.

We get your direct feedback after every project and use it to improve our process.
After our projects are completed, we book a time with you to review what went well, and what could be improved. We love hearing this feedback. We apply it immediately into improving our process to ensure that all our customers can benefit from it.

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