Marketing Cloud Support

Need an experienced Marketing Cloud marketer, but don’t want to hire full time?

We can help.

Majente offers a monthly Marketing Cloud Support Program to help augment your organization’s marketing efforts and perform critical updates. This is a proactive service which identifies a 3 month plan with work items to be accomplished.

How It Works

Meet with our team to review your marketing goals.

Our team creates a sprint plan and presents it to you.

After you sign up, we’ll book 1 week-long sprint / month for 3 months to help you accomplish your goals.

At the end of the sprint schedule, we’ll review the business objectives and determine with you if it makes sense to plan another set of sprints.

Pricing & Time

Starts at $5k/month (hourly rate for marketing consultants is $250)

You will need to budget 8-16 hours for your team during the print week for marketing workshops, content creation, and reviewing marketing assets.

Sprint Week Schedule






We deliver work by proactively managing work items into Sprints and follow an Agile methodology. Each month, we will review the work that has been completed and how it is contributing to your marketing goals.

Sample Work Items

Here are some sample work items that could be included in your sprints:

• Ideal Customer Profile Completion
• Marketing Cloud Health Check
• Conversion Tracking Setup
• Social Media Business Profile/Page Setup
• Marketing Plan Development
• Website Marketing Funnel Audit
• Platform Critical Updates
• Content Planning Session
• Email Template Design
• List Email Content Creation

• Marketing Cloud Journey Implementation
• Blog Creation
• Social Post Creation
• Landing Page Creation
• Lead Nurturing Journey Setup
• Customer Onboarding Journey Setup
• Suppression List Setup
• Duplicate Health Check
• Training sessions


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