Salesforce Success Program

So you’ve finally made the transition to salesforce… congratulations! You’re now on the #1 CRM platform on the planet and the money should just come rolling in, right?

If only it were that simple. CIO Magazine determined that about one-third of all CRM projects fail, and the reasons are all too predictable. It often has nothing to do with the technology deployed and everything to do with what happens after its deployed. Poor adoption, poor data and a lack of management support are the leading causes, and every one of these is preventable.

Reporting + Adoption + Data = Salesforce Success

Majente’s Success Program is designed to mitigate the risk of failure, and provide your company with the right tools, strategy and best practices to ensure your success. Our program pro-actively improves your Reporting, Adoption and Data, leading to your success.

Through our experience of working with customers like you, we have put together a program designed to be strategic and ongoing, singularly focused on ensuring success for you and your team.

This is not technical support, nor is it your outsourced “IT guy”. The success program methodology is proactive, focused on setting clear objectives each month to address the 3 key areas that we have identified as being essential to continued success on the salesforce platform:



starting at $2000 / month


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