ActZero closing deals in half the time with Majente and Salesforce

“Majente was able to provide us both the strategic advice and direction on what needed to be done, as well as the tactical assistance to implement.”

Effi Lipsman, Head of Sales





ActZero is a cybersecurity startup with ~80 employees whose mission is to help small and medium sized businesses defend themselves from cyber attacks. This is accomplished by leveraging ActZero’s sophisticated AI and ML platform together with experienced human cybersecurity experts.

A main differentiator for ActZero is the sophistication of its AI/ML platform. It allows ActZero to greatly reduce noise and false positives, which means that its operators can focus on actual threats. This unique platform scales tremendously to offer great value to SMB organizations which have been underserved by vendors. Core to ActZero are our values: Trust; Continuous Improvement; Customer Focus; and Execution. Every employee is carefully screened against these values and we live and breathe our values with every interaction.

The Challenge

ActZero has been using Salesforce as a CRM for nearly a decade but it was largely just a “forecasting” tool. “We had ambitious goals for growth and we knew that we needed to build a foundation on which we could scale. In fact, in our first year, we went from 3 sales people to 15! This meant that we needed to design a highly scalable, future-proofed, and malleable platform between all of our tool sets. These tools included much more than Salesforce. We also invested in marketing automation, sales automation, sales training, social media platforms, and video platforms. This is where Majente came in.” says Effi Lipsman, Head of Sales. “Majente was able to provide us both the strategic advice and direction on what needed to be done, as well as the tactical assistance to implement. Majente’s consultants were able to suggest industry best practices and then executed against the agreed upon plan.” Lipsman added.

Underutilized CRM

Systems not set up for sustainable growth

Undefined marketing and sales processes

The Solution

Following an assessment to analyze ActZero’s Salesforce instance, Majente started by optimizing their marketing automation platform (Pardot). Once Pardot was up and running, Majente created the process for lead flows, structuring how the prospecting process would transition an opportunity from a cold lead all the way to deal closure. This meant creating the handoff between their BDR and AE teams. The process also improved their approach to deal cycles. In parallel, Majente built dashboards that informed various stakeholders about items relevant and specific to their business unit.

“Majente’s consultants and our team worked closely each week to establish what each sprint of deliverable would entail and then the consultant would implement and push into production. This meant that we were able to work quickly and yet still cautiously so as not to disrupt any existing processes.” says Lipsman.

Streamlined sales processes

Customized analytics to allow for data-driven decisions across departments

Marketing automation optimization

Products that are helping ActZero grow:


“We enjoyed a decrease in our sales cycle time of about 50% once we were able to streamline our process. Also, our sales people were spending less time on administrative tasks and more time in front of clients. We estimate that we were able to gain at least 20% of time back for each salesperson. Many tasks that were previously manual were now automated and reports/dashboards were feeding our executives in real time. This meant that we could spend more time on managing the business rather than managing our platforms.” says Lipsman.

Would You Recommend Majente?

“Absolutely. We would wholeheartedly recommend using Majente. They were able to bring both strategic advice based on their collective experience but also tactical advice and assistance to help execute their vision. Majente worked quickly, on time, and under budget, and we are happy to speak on behalf of the value they bring to organizations.” says Lipsman.

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