Algo achieves 67% reduction in Time to Resolution using Service GPT

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“Majente's expertise and our partnership with Salesforce have proven instrumental in streamlining our service operations.”

Ryan Zoehner - VP Commercial Operations


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Algo, a telecommunications company with over 50 years of expertise in developing communication endpoints, has been at the forefront of innovation since its founding in 1968. Headquartered in Burnaby, BC, Canada, Algo specializes in manufacturing network-based IP audio and video communication products, seamlessly integrating with VoIP Unified Communication (UC) and mass notification software platforms. Their robust portfolio includes IP speakers, IP displays, IP intercoms, IP paging adapters, IP strobe lights, IP supervision controllers, and endpoint accessories.

"Guided by a commitment to excellence and innovation, Algo has consistently delivered cutting-edge solutions in the telecommunications industry" says Ryan Zoehner, Vice President of Commercial Operations, emphasizing the company's values and identity.

Scaling Service, Scaling Pains:

In 2023, Algo faced the challenge of managing its growing Service Cloud instance. As the company expanded, the onboarding of new Service Representatives became a daunting and resource-intensive task.

“Delivering industry-leading customer support, from technical experts is a critical part of Algo’s brand proposition, however, as the company continued to scale, onboarding new colleagues effectively while ensuring their work would be at the level we expected at Algo was a challenge. Management doesn’t have as much time to handhold the onboarding process of each new colleague or review as many of their customer conversations”. This realization led Algo to look at new technologies, and specifically AI, to solve these problems.


AI-Powered Onboarding:

To address these challenges, Algo and Majente collaboratively explored the potential of Salesforce Service GPT. Leveraging Algo’s extensive knowledge base, Service GPT emerged as a transformative solution. It could provide professionally written and accurate case answers, enabling existing service representatives to efficiently handle a higher volume of incoming cases.

“Majente’s expertise and our partnership with Salesforce have proven instrumental in streamlining our service operations” comments Ryan Zoehner, explaining why Algo chose this innovative solution.

Majente, in collaboration with Algo, extended the solution by incorporating responses from multiple knowledge base articles and Algo’s own website. This augmentation significantly enhanced the quality of responses, allowing Algo to maximize its investment in Service GPT.

“By getting creative with what information we used to arm the Service GPT Model, the Majente team was able to showcase how customer responses could be individually tailored, technically competent but yet personal – retaining the brand personality, and technical accuracy,” which emphasizes the success of this collaborative approach.


AI Delivers with Majente: Algo Sees Major Boost in Service Quality and Agent Efficiency

The positive results have been substantial, with Service GPT delivering on its promise. With Majente’s support, Algo has witnessed an increase in the overall quality of service responses. Notably, the average number of cases handled by each agent has risen significantly, demonstrating the tangible impact of the solution.

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“The team at Majente were great, they are technically sound but also willing to get creative, that blend was exactly what we needed to create this solution leveraging the latest technology from the ever-changing AI landscape.”

Ryan Zoehner – VP, Commercial Operations

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