Box of Crayons achieved
100% user adoption with
Majente and Salesforce

“Working with Majente
has been a game changer”

Kimiko Mainprize, VP of Operations



Sales Cloud
Form Assembly

Box of Crayons helps people and organizations do less good work and more great work. They strive to unleash the power of curiosity as a key leadership skill, helping time-crunched managers coach in 10 minutes or less. Founded in 2002, and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Box of Crayons works with organizations around the world.

The Challenge

Box of Crayons was already a salesforce customer when they came to Majente. “While we were in Salesforce for about a year for our Sales team to track leads and opportunities, we were using Excel spreadsheets and google docs to track key delivery logistics and manage communications” says Kimiko Mainprize, VP of Operations. That wasn’t quite good enough as it made accuracy and visibility difficult. “We decided to work with Majente to help us build a cross-functional solution, giving the teams full transparency to each other’s work, and eliminate the need for those pesky spreadsheets”.

Need better visibility across the organization.

Eliminate the use of spreadsheets.

Move the whole company to 1 system.

The Solution

Majente’s solution was about “automating and streamlining as many of our processes as we could: from using forms to collect information and have it go directly into Salesforce, to tracking shipment details so that anyone on the team could answer a question. These customizations have been a game changer. We also added on Apps like Conga Composer & Sign and Form Assembly”.

Single source of truth across entire team within Sales Cloud.

Standardized process and
documentation via Conga Composer.

Simplified collection of data through FormAssembly.

Products that are helping Box of Crayons grow:


“It was a really great process and collaboration between our team and Majente’s. We noticed a huge improvement in our workflow and communications. There was a lot more transparency and ease of finding and tracking information. We were also able to stop using old spreadsheets and documents that no longer were needed as we automated those efforts into Salesforce.”

And what was Box of Crayons most happy about following their project: “100% adoption… everyone on our team who needs to use it, does, and we track most of our communications and workflow here now. It’s great to be in one system. We are a curious, courageous bunch, but I’m still very proud of this adoption rate.”

Would You Recommend Majente?

“Yes, Majente has been a great partner for our Salesforce customizations thus far. We did
undertake a larger project with them at first and have since completed another smaller project to continue to automate processes and data flow. They are a great team to be able to work with.”


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