FlavourArt division launch achieves massive success

"Majente made what could have been an overwhelming process one that was handled with ease, leaving us feeling confident with every milestone we passed.”

Gabriele Regazzi - National Sales Manager


Launch Quarter Revenue Growth


Increase in Website Subscribers

FlavourArt Distro is an Ecommerce distribution site and new division that launched in the summer of 2021. Their customer base is highly specialized, as they sell only to Specialty Retail shops, offering exclusive products that can only be sold within Canada.

Meeting the Demands of Growth: Tracking and Reporting Challenges

Launching a new distribution division, FlavourArt was starting from ground zero and needed to get up and running on a scalable platform, as quickly as possible.

“Our biggest challenge for a new division and product rollout was the ability to properly track and report, and we needed to ensure we had the capacity to easily follow-up with new leads and track opportunities.” says Regazzi.

More importantly, though, their Directors needed to see an overview of progress from a top-down view. After a few consultations and recommendations from trusted colleagues, Salesforce surfaced as a candidate and quickly surpassed their expectations with all its potential.


From Jump Start to Full Potential:

FlavourArt decided to move their processes to Sales Cloud, with Majente as their implementation partner. Majente’s approach to Phase 1 Salesforce projects is to keep it simple and not boil the ocean, which improves user adoption, so a Sales Cloud Jump Start was recommended to get started.

After the success of Phase 1, FlavourArt was ready to further expand functionality and reporting capabilities. In order to do so, FlavourArt needed to leverage their product and order data which was living in WooCommerce, their eCommerce platform. Majente created an integration between the two platforms, allowing them to leverage Salesforce’s reporting capabilities even further to include this once siloed data.

“Majente integrated Salesforce with our website seamlessly, set up customized automations, recommended user training, and offered additional one on-one training for our marketing team on integration and tracking. They kept us on track and informed us of their progress with weekly touch base meetings, going beyond the point of sale to troubleshoot issues on the fly, even after going live.” says Regazzi.


Data-Driven Growth: FlavourArt's Journey to Success with Salesforce and Majente

“We’re a small team with a large market to penetrate, so we knew from the get-go the utilization of a robust CRM would be a must.” says Regazzi.

Majente believes that Salesforce’s highest value is to drive data-based decision making. We work with clients like FlavourArt to determine their most important reporting metrics, then generate reports and dashboards to help them take advantage of this value.

“The advantages of Salesforce and Majente are laid out visibly on our personalized dashboard, clearly highlighting sales (by volume and by product variation), and our customer conversion rates. Our sales grew 1675% from our launch quarter and we’ve consistently increased our client conversion rate, which is now at 25%. Without this 360 degree view in Salesforce, it would be much more difficult to recognize challenges – and even successes.” Regazzi adds.

Would You Recommend Majente?

“Working with Majente is an easy recommendation for any company looking to streamline their data or, as in our case, for any division that decides to start off on the right foot. From development to launch, Majente made what could have been an overwhelming process one that was handled with ease, leaving us feeling confident with every milestone we passed. No matter what challenge we presented them, they were able to work with us to provide a solution. At times, this was not an easy task, given that some of our requests were broad and difficult to define through designing our sales strategy and approach. The critical thinking it took to address our feedback – quickly and without hesitation – was something that impressed our entire team.”

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