Little Kickers expands globally with Salesforce and Majente

“Majente did what other companies told us wasn’t possible”

Alan Kennedy - Managing Director


Revenue Growth


Customer Growth

Little Kickers is a fast growing micro-franchise business founded in the UK in 2002. Spreading the love of the beautiful game to children, Little Kickers now operates in 32 countries around the world with a network of over 300 franchisees. This success has made Little Kickers the largest and most-successful pre-school soccer academy globally, with more to come.

From Legacy Tech to Growth: Little Kickers Tackles Challenges with Salesforce and Majente:

“Initially, our technology held us back. Having the ability for our franchisees to operate quickly and efficiently was very important to us and our existing systems did not support this.” says Alan Kennedy, Managing Director of Little Kickers. When little kickers decided to move to a subscription based model, the technology challenges needed to be addressed first.

“We knew that micro franchising would benefit from a recurring subscription model. Our vision for how to implement MRR was not possible on our existing IT systems. We engaged with Salesforce and Majente to help us understand how technology could solve our challenges.”


Little Kickers Implements Subscription Management with Majente and Salesforce:

The decision was made to switch to Salesforce, and Majente was brought in to design and implement the systems that supported both a unique subscription model and monthly, recurring payments.

The franchisees benefitted by now having an application that was easy to use and operate their business.

Majente successfully implemented a recurring subscription management solution and partner communities in 2018 and the results have been nothing short of transformational.


Winning Partnership: Little Kickers, Majente, and Salesforce Drive Growth

“We’ve seen incredible results, revenue is up by 24% and our customer count has gone up by 18%.” says Kennedy. “In addition, our franchisees are saving 15 hours a week on manual work, which is an absolutely amazing result”.

Little Kickers growth has accelerated as a result of the Salesforce platform and Majente’s work to create solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Would You Recommend Majente?

“100% yes. Majente did what other companies told us wasn’t possible and the result for our business has been tremendous. With the technology we have in place now from Salesforce and Majente, we now have an asset that helps us grow, differentiates us, and allows us to scale rapidly.”

Alan Kennedy – Managing Director

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