Medair saves hours of manual work with Salesforce and Majente.

“Majente has given us the ability to provide real-time data to our sales team, enabling us to make insightful, data-driven decisions.”

Roy Sharma, Finance Controller.


Reduction in Manual Errors

Sales Cloud

Medair facilitates the worldwide express transport of time critical Pharmaceutical and Biological material. Every Medair shipment is individually handled, routed and monitored through to an exact timed delivery, to virtually anywhere in the world. Medair’s established capabilities allow them to focus on ensuring shipments are moved both quickly and efficiently, arriving in perfect condition.

“Value of our people is what sets Medair apart from the competition. We bring our expert logistics knowledge directly to our customers”, says Roy Sharma, Finance Controller.

The Challenge

The Medair team faced technical challenges that were hindering their day-to-day operations. Medair was relying on older industry-specific systems that were no longer being supported, and this represented a real risk to the business.

On top of that, those systems weren’t very efficient. Time was wasted collecting data manually, which led to errors. Medair’s sales team wasn’t equipped with the right tools to focus on customer engagement.

Older, industry-specific, inefficient systems.

Manual collection of data.

Hours wasted fixing data errors.

The Solution

Roy and his team decided to make the switch to Salesforce and leave their spreadsheets behind. Majente worked with Medair to design a solution that focused on operational efficiency and strong analytics. “This solution allows us to accurately collect data and reduce administrative work so the sales team can do what they do best!” says Sharma.

The new system finally solved communication problems between Medair’s sales and the operations teams, leading to a better customer experience and fewer errors along the way.

Streamlined processes & data entry.

3 hours / user / week saved of administrative work.

Insightful reporting & analytics.

Products that are helping Medair grow:


Majente’s solution saves each Medair user 3 hours/week. “Manual errors from spreadsheets were a regular issue. Now they’ve decreased by 80%, which is outstanding. Not to mention, I’ve gained back at least 6 hours/week from automating manual work.”

With the help of Majente, Medair has gained clear visibility across their entire sales cycle and has the proper tools to make data-driven decisions through Salesforce’s reporting capabilities. “Since our user adoption has increased, we are well on track and excited to see what else Salesforce can do. We have insightful pipeline analytics and now have the ability to provide real-time data to our sales team.”

Would You Recommend Majente?

“Yes we would recommend Majente, they went above and beyond. Working with Majente was excellent considering we had just entered into COVID-19 lockdowns. They met all timelines and kept us on track to complete Phase 1. The challenge of not being able to sit at a table was overcome with great communication and use of digital platforms.”


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