Purple Heart Homes Serves More Veterans with Salesforce + Procore

“We forecast a 20% reduction in time regarding data duplication, which will result in more Veterans being served and this is our primary reason for existing”

Brad Borders – VP of Chapters


Reduction In Administrative Time Spent


Automated Data Flow Between Salesforce And Procore

Purple Heart Homes is a public charity that was founded in 2008 by John Gallina and the late Dale Beatty, two combat wounded Veterans. After being injured in Iraq in 2004, they returned to their community and set about their mission: to provide housing solutions for Service Connected Disabled Veterans that are substantial in function, design, and quality.

Time Lost, Data Duplicated: Purple Heart Seeks Efficiency Boost

Purple Heart Homes already had both Procore and Salesforce when they reached out to Majente. At the time, the two systems operated independently of one another, which caused issues as the process to reconcile them was manual.

“We use two critical IT platforms to accomplish our mission, Salesforce and Procore. The stovepiping of information and the need for manual duplication of information was degrading productivity” explained Brad.

The time it took and the errors that were occurring led to Purple Heart Homes to look for a better solution.


Seamless Integration: Majente Eliminates Manual Data Entry for Purple Heart Homes

Majente used its Salesforce + Procore app to create a realtime integration between the platforms and eliminate the manual process entirely.

A custom button was created on the Veterans record in salesforce allowing for the instant creation of Projects in Procore when needed.

This change allowed the integration to fit the flow of Purple Heart Homes’ process seamlessly.


Majente's Integration Streamlines Purple Heart Homes' Operations, Serving More Veterans

“Majente has been a real problem solver for Purple Heart Homes by connecting Salesforce and Procore” says Brad Borders, VP of Chapters, regarding the relationship.

“Working with Majente has been a blessing to us. The Majente team have taken a vested interest in what we do. They are active listeners and demonstrate a passion for helping others find solutions to complex IT issues.”

When asked what kind of results he expects from using the integration, Brad says “I forecast a 20% reduction in time regarding data duplication, which will result in more Veterans being served and this is our primary reason for existing”.

Would You Recommend Majente?

“I would unequivocally recommend Majente as a force multiplier and a problem solver for any organization”

Brad Borders – VP of Chapters

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