TGD reduces product loss by 22% with Majente and Salesforce

"Majente's work resulted in a 6 months savings of over $70,000 in freight and damaged products"

Neil Goldwax - President


Product Loss Reduction


6 Months Savings

Located in Canada, TGD creates furniture that allows consumers to create a truly multifunctional living space while catering to modern ways of living. With over 100 years of experience in the furniture industry, the team at TGD is committed to combining years of quality craftsmanship with innovation for today's modern living.

Lost Sales, Unhappy Customers: TGD Faces Challenges with Deliveries

“We previously faced challenges due to issues in sizing and shipping, such as incomplete or late deliveries. In addition, there was no structured communication between our company and the end customer. Due to supply chain issues over the previous year, there had been an increase in the delivery time for our clients to receive purchased products. This resulted in client dissatisfaction and more returns/order cancellations. Furthermore, after clients open the delivery packaging, the product cannot be resold, and it is destroyed at a loss” says Neil Goldwax, the President of TGD.


From Frustration to Clarity:

Majente’s team in Canada and India worked closely with Neil to turn his requirements into innovative solutions on the Salesforce platform. By implementing an Order Fulfillment process in Salesforce, critical messages are delivered to the customer to validate their room’s physical dimensions for the Wall Bed they’ve ordered. Having Salesforce manage this process allowed for TGD’s back office to better manage Order controls and reconciliations which directly resulted in cost savings for TGD.

Majente also designed a solution to allow TGD’s e-commerce partners gain insight into a Customer’s Order Fulfillment. Majente implemented a custom Lightning Web Component (LWC) which provides the Order Shipping Status in a custom designed UI. User Experience Design Consultation was a critical part of the implementation process to design how data and graphics are displayed on the UI.

Majente’s use of visualization components resulted in a beautiful, content driven UI experience to receive Order Status information and easily get Order help if required.


Majente's implementation of Salesforce has greatly improved TGD's business processes.

“We have received many compliments about how we are very transparent and open with customers, resulting in them understanding delays in delivery due to the pandemic. We estimate another $115,000 in orders not being cancelled due to our improved, proactive communication scheme. Approximately 22% of returns that would have happened because of the product being unsuitable or the wrong size were canceled prior to shipping rather than having to be picked up after delivery.


This resulted in a 6 months savings of over $70,000 in freight and damaged products. We are able to efficiently share metrics with our logistics companies, which has greatly improved our levels of service”.

TGD’s partnership with Majente has allowed the company to improve the efficiency of their distribution and provided them with the right tools to scale their business.

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