Double Win: Faster Service, Lower Costs with Majente and Service Cloud

“The move to Service Cloud, with Majente’s help, has been transformational. We’ve dramatically improved service times while simultaneously reducing cost, which is an outstanding result.”

Rohan Cherian - AVP, E-Commerce & Consumer Technology


Reduction in Manual Errors


Reduction in Case Resolution Time

Toys “R” Us (TRU) is Canada’s go-to retailer for toys and baby products. Since 1984, Toys “R” Us Canada has offered a broad selection of products to Canadians through both e-commerce and their 80 retail stores. By championing the power of play for children across the country, they inspire endless possibilities of fun, imagination, and wonder through toys.

Transforming Customer Service:

TRU was using a legacy Call Center application that was sorely outdated and no longer cost effective. Their old system relied exclusively on phone and email support and TRU wanted to modernize and transform their call center operations to improve customer service. “Customers would sometimes wait for up to 45 minutes on the phone to get a hold of one of our customer service reps. We realized improvements needed to be made” says Christine Lamonde, Executive Customer Relations Manager at Toys “R” Us Canada.

With their business running on seasonal peaks, their old system was unable to scale and meet TRU’s changing demand.

“The Holidays present unique challenges in our business. For 3 months we can experience a 50% surge in case load and our systems simply could not scale up and down like that without significant planning and pain.”


Toys "R" Us Canada Streamlines Customer Service with Salesforce and Majente

TRU engaged Majente to make the move on to Salesforce’s Service Cloud. Already a Salesforce customer, TRU was eager to migrate their entire customer service experience onto the Salesforce platform.

Majente’s implementation allowed TRU to retire their phone support channel and move to a chat and email only support model, prompting quicker case resolutions. By consolidating all customer service activities, TRU’s customer service reps are able to reduce data entry and depend on a single source of truth with Salesforce’s Knowledge Base.


Smooth Transition, Big Results: TRU Canada Transforms Customer Service with Salesforce & Majente.

The transition to Service Cloud was smooth and executed on time and on budget by the Majente team, which came as a pleasant surprise to TRU.

“Typically with transitions of this magnitude we expect a certain amount of pain. With Salesforce that wasn’t the case at all, and we certainly appreciate Majente’s diligence in ensuring that the whole process went smoothly with next to zero disruption to our customer experience.” says Rohan Cherian, AVP of E-Commerce & Consumer Technology.

The transition to chat-only support had several other benefits over time as well. “We saw the return on this investment almost instantly. While customer interactions increased by 50% due to Covid and a transition to online sales, we were able cut case resolution time by 88.7%, which is outstanding.” says Lamonde.

Would You Recommend Majente?

“Absolutely! Majente undoubtedly understood our business requirements and dedicated the time to explain the “how to” and “why” of the proiect. With that knowledge, we were able to better understand the big picture and how the organizational change would benefit our business, and most importantly, our customers.”

Rohan Cherian – AVP, E-Commerce & Consumer Technology

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