Will your Pardot users be able to login after February 15?

You may have noticed the following message at the top of your Pardot Dashboard recently.
“Beginning February 15, 2021, Pardot’s user authentication system will be discontinued. All users must then use Salesforce single sign-on (SSO) and API integrations must use Salesforce OAuth. Check out the Pardot User Migration Admin Guide and the Salesforce Developers Blog to help you prepare.”

What is changing?

Starting February 15: All Pardot Users Must Use Salesforce Single Sign-On and API Integrations must use Salesforce OAuth. In simple terms, every user who logs into Pardot must now do so with a Salesforce user account.

How do I know if this affects me?

Here is the quickest way to check to see if you have Pardot-only users affected by this update:

Pardot Classic

Open https://pi.pardot.com/user and select “Pardot-only Users” in the View dropdown.
Pardot Only Users in Pardot Classic

Pardot Lightning

Open https://YOURCOMPANY.lightning.force.com/lightning/page/pardot/account?pardot__path=%2Fuser%2Ftable and select “Pardot-only Users” in the View dropdown.
Pardot Only Users in Pardot Lightning

How Majente Can Help

Every Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Edition license includes 100 complimentary Identity Only licenses. We can setup the SSO connection for up to 100 Pardot only users using these licenses using the hours in your support package.

Don’t have Majente Support?

You can purchase a block of 10 support hours for $2000 or have us perform this one-time update for $500.

Need Help?

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